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Kyokushin Karate is one of the largest karate organizations in the world, renowned for its highly physical and intense training style. In Japanese, Kyokushin translates to ultimate reality or truth, perseverance under pressure, never quiting regardless of pain, facing your challenges, be a good citizen in and out of the dojo. Rest assured, if you apply yourself in Kyokushin Karate, you will surely learn to defend yourself. Kyokushin is more than karate.

About Us

In 2002, after a long hiatus from Kyokushin, Sempai Joedy and his two children enrolled at the Langley dojo where his childhood friend, Sensei Leo van den Boogard was the instructor. In 2003, Sempai Joedy moved to Campbell River where he opened a dojo at the Homalco Indian Band. His students travelled to tournaments in many cities in BC earning many trophies and titles, including three-time Canadian Champion, Rebecca Folster, where she competed in the boys “knock down” category! Sadly, in 2014 Sempai Joedy was forced to close the dojo due to health concerns. Even though the dojo closed, the spirit of Kyokushin never left him. “Kyokushin is in my blood. I’ll never quit!”

Letter From the Mayor

In 2022, Sempai Joedy formed a partnership with Sherry Laffling a previous student of Kyokushin Richmond where they offered free karate to students of the Campbell River School District after school. They also offered evening classes for all ages, levels and students from other styles. Students are taught self-defense, kata, kumite (sparring), focus, stretching, strengthening and meditation. It is stressed to all students how to handle a bullying situation. If it is found that a student is abusing the teachings of Kyokushin, the student will be terminated immediately.



We currently offer two evening classes per week. Classes are offered to students 12+ as well as students from other styles and all levels. We have many students 50+, and some train with their children. Please feel free to observe a class or try it out at no cost.

Evening Kyokushin Classes

Monday & Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Please arrive early.

Classes are at Southgate Middle School in the Upper Gymnasium located at ​740 Holm Road.


Our fees are the most reasonably priced in Campbell River. “It’s not about the money. I just want kids to learn karate” The monthly fees do not affect the level of teaching. In fact, quite the contrary! Please drop by to see for yourself!

Kyokushin Campbell River operates as an unregistered “Non-profit” society. All monthly fees collected remain in the dojo to provide pads, equipment, gi’s (uniforms), mouth guards and training booklets.


International Kyokushin Organization Membership (IKO) Fee: $40.00


Insurance: $15.00 annually


Evening Kyokushin Karate: $60.00 monthly

Families experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to join. Talk with Sempai Joedy to make arrangements.


Registration is ongoing throughout the year, and no contract is required. You can register in person, call/text Sempai Joedy at 250-202-0406, or email

Questions about Registration?

Sempai Joedy

“I was bullied in school, so I enrolled in Kyokushin karate to protect myself. I was dedicated and I practiced at home. My physical and self-defense skills improved and I began to carry myself with confidence. I knew I could defend myself! Consequently, the bullies no longer found me to be a target, and in fact, I made friends with some of my previous tormentors!” This is the Kyokushin spirit.

Sempai Joedy began Kyokushin in 1973 at the age of 14. He was trained by the legendary Sensei Tony Severs, who was renowned for his intense and highly physical style of training. “The training was tough, it hurt, but I loved every minute of it!” Sempai Joedy’s idol was Bruce Lee, and he incorporated many of his moves in tournaments which served him well. At the age of 14, Sempai Joedy enrolled in classical ballet to bring his skills to a new level. He trained for 5 years in Richmond, New Westminster, Vancouver and London, England. “In many ways, ballet is very similar to karate."


Sempai Joedy currently works at Southgate Middle School, where he works as a Youth Worker and First Aid Attendant. His room is full of guitars, and he offers guitar lessons to students at lunchtime. In his off-time, he volunteers to feed the homeless and plays in the band, “Inclusion”, which is a band that features special needs musicians with proceeds from performances going toward special needs community programming. He also enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, camping, and spending time with his family and cockapoo, Cooper.

common KArate terms

The Principles of Kyokushin

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